Even though 2,000 years have faded away, we are still facing the same issues they struggled with from the past! The contemporary secular mind believes we have entered a new age with unique ideas and novel approaches to problems. Wrong.

At a quick glance, the ancient mystery religions of Greece and Rome are considered foreign to our experience. We consider ourselves sophisticated and stand above the philosophical debates and political warfare of Rome and Greece. Our temptations and errors are unique to our time. Sorry. Not so.

As we explore the world of the first century Church Fathers, you will discover that we have come full circle. What was old is now new. Here’s some examples.

  1. Sexual promiscuity:

We assume the Romans in the first century were the worst. Yet, current Statistics tell us 40% of men and 25% of women are involved in adultery. The divorce rate is over 50%. We need help!

  1. Mystery Religions:

The ancient world had many cults with bizarre rituals to help people escape the pain and chaos of their lives. Today, we have LSD, Meth., cocaine, heroin, pot, on and on. They had rituals. We have pills.

  1. Political chaos:

We know about Nero, Caligula, and other tyrants–along with the rise and fall of nations. Need anymore be said about the recent election and the political chaos continuing in Washington – much less North Korea, Russia, Syria, Iran, etc.?

  1. Religious proliferation:

The Romans had a god on every street corner for everything from health to the protection of prostitutes. We have 40,000 expressions of Christianity!

The examples could go on and on. In this website, we will be reviewing and exploring how the Church Fathers met and answered these challenges.