Someone You Should Know…



Does Polycarp sound like a variety of plastic Tupperware? Or possibly a carp with many fins? Most Christian people in today’s world have never heard of the man or know little more than he was one of the ancients. Hey, there’s a great deal more you should more about this Church Father.

  • Polycarp was the last disciple of the Apostle John.
  • Polycarp helped the Christians in Rome recover after the deaths of Peter and Paul.
  • Polycarp helped formulate the first creed of the Christians, often called the old Roman Creed, it came to be known as The Apostles Creed.
  • Polycarp became the first bishop of Smyrna which was thought of by many as the true church to be emulated.
  • Polycarp lived to be 86 years old and died in 156 CE.
  • Poly war martyred after telling Roman leadership: “For eighty and six years have I been his servant (Jesus), and he has done me no wrong, and how can I blaspheme my King who saved me?”

His life will challenge and inspire you! Get to know Polycarp.

Contributor– Rev. Dr. Robert L. Wise



Of course, there was Samuel Clements known as Mark Twain, but just Clement? Yes! He seems to have been with St. Paul in Philippi around 57 B.C.E. (Philippians 4:3). His first Epistle to The Corinthians may be the first communique we have from the Church Fathers.

Here’s some facts you’ll want to know.

  • Clement was probably a Roman.
  • He was the 4th bishop of Rome who Roman Catholics call a Pope.
  • Clement may have converted from Judaism.
  • His ministry struggled against persecution and the pagan culture.
  • For centuries his entire Epistle was unknown until discovered in Codex A.
  • In 1628, Patriarch Cyril presented the Epistle to Charles I of England and it is now in the British Museum.
  • A close friend of St. Paul, his Epistle imparts an undying charm.

Clement endured the most difficult times of persecution, and stood faithful to his conviction about the resurrection. Get to know Clement. He’s a true friend.

Contributor–Rev. Dr. Robert L. Wise



Ever hear of Mathetes? Probably not. Although he is placed immediately after Clement in the list of the first Church Fathers, his Epistle to Diognetus reflects that he was possibly a disciple of the Apostle Paul. We are not certain that Mathetes is his rightful name because the designation comes totally from his letter to Diognetus. Nevertheless, Mathetes remains a guiding light for the church today.

Here’s some facts you’ll want to know.

  • He claimed to be a disciple of the Apostles.
  • His letter is filled with the spirit of Paul.
  • He embodied Paul’s admonition for kindness and admonition to avoid quarrels.
  • His Epistle gives us a firm, clear picture of what the first Christians faced and how they answered.

The Epistle to Diognetus relates a strong idea of what the first Christians must have been like in their attempts to face controversy while attempting to remain humble and charitable.

Contributor — Rev. Dr. Robert L. Wise