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Periodically, we find books that create a better understanding of the first centuries when the Church began. We pass such discoveries on to you for your enjoyment and edification.

Here’s a good one.


Baker Academic, Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich., Year


William Tabbernee, Ph.D., is a world-wide known scholar, professor, and expert on early church studies as well as an archeologist who uncovered Montanism’s holy city Pepouza. With the assistance of a few additional scholars, he has complied an extraordinary book both for beginners and students. Tabbernee maintains that to understand the early church we must explore various cultures and continents where the faith first took root. This book does so with vivid pictures and illustrations of the earliest period when Christianity first covered the known world. This text contains an excellent overview of ancient literature and native languages.

Early Christianity in Contexts also has the latest discoveries from the Middle East. For example, Professor Elizabether Bolmon, an expert on Egyptian Christian art, recently found the tomb of the Coptic great Shenoute of Atripe from the 4th century. Tabbernee chronicles many of these important discoveries that have largely gone unreported. Anyone seeking a comprehensive overview of the first five centuries will be greatly assisted by this book.