Early Faith For Today is dedicated to the idea that today’s church and Christian community desperately need the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration of the first five centuries of the Christian Era. Called the Fathers of the Church, these early leaders directed Christians on a path that took them successfully through fire and pain unto a victory that eventually overcame the Roman Empire. We need that guidance!

Today, we have 40,000 expressions of the faith – all represent fracture and brokenness. The first church certainly had diversity, but a unity of conviction, faith, and commitment centered in the Eucharist, Holy Communion. This website is committed to recovering and articulating what these earliest Christians knew. We will explore their lives, their ministries, and insights that shaped the first church. You will meet simple people, profound minds, and fearless leaders who fought heresy, battled deviation from the true faith, and walked in the arena to face death without fear.

Each session of Early Faith for Today will better prepare you for your daily challenges and difficulties. You will become better equipped to understand where today’s Christians need to look for empowerment.

Want better direction? Look to the past. Therein are the keys to unlock answers for today’s needs.

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